editorial board
Francesca Mauri
Fabiola Papini
Rosa Coppi
Elisa Finesso
Elisabetta Azzalini

developed during MA in Communication Design,
Politecnico di Milano, 2020

published by
Morsi Editore︎

Gastrite — Italian for gastritis — is a fanzine about the things we love to hate. We tend not to talk about what makes us angry and irritated, but that’s even more harmful than those things themselves. So why don’t make fun about it?

The first issue contains desecrating articles, irreverent illustrations, and absurd testimonies about health. We have collected the weirdest searches for medical information on Google, self-tracking technologies, crazy diets, and sexual practices that made us doubt the common sense of humankind. And we’ve laughed a lot. So we hope you can do the same!